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About The Site

When it was time for my 10 year reunion, I was too busy, and really wasn't interested in the whole thing. By the time I was 38, I was really looking forward to seeing my old classmates again. I called Marshall and asked who was in charge of the '73 reunion. They said that they had no idea, and couldn't help me at all. I missed out on the 20 year reunion.

Twelve days before my class had their (somewhat unorthodox) 26th reunion, Danette McDanel Johnson found my phone number through AnyWho.Com and called me from San Antonio to let me know about the reunion. If not for her, I would have never gotten into this. Thanks, Danette!

It seemed like the sort of thing that someone at Marshall should do, but they weren't, so I decided to set up this web site. Please spread the word. If you know of any Marshall graduates, give them my email address (webmaster at marshallclassmates dot com) and the address of this page, and ask them to register. There is no charge for this, and your privacy is of utmost importance to me. Read my privacy policy for more information.


I started this database to help Marshall students get in touch with each other, and to help reunion committees keep track of their classmates. This site is intended to bring school friends together and we do not verify that these people actually graduated from the Marshall. It's not necessary for you to have actually graduated from Marshall. As long as you attended Marshall for any period of time, you're welcome to sign up here.

I am not responsible for the contents of this website. The data is only as good as what people enter. None of the data is guaranteed to be accurate, and, in fact, some of it may be completely ficticious, depending on who entered it. I'm not here to play internet cop and keep mean people from entering stupid stuff into the database, but if you see something that you think was put there as a joke, please email me at webmaster at marshallclassmates dot com.

Donations Gladly Accepted

This site has been up since September of 1999, at first on my server at home, and then at a web hosting service that charged me $15.95 per month, and now moved to ORCSWeb, who charge me $40 per month. If some of you would throw a few bucks my way, I would sure appreciate it. PayPal is the easiest way to send money. If you sign up with PayPal via this link, I'll get a small bonus. Once you have your PayPal account created, send donations to me via PayPal to squeek at austin dot rr dot com, or click the button below to use your credit card

Thanks in advance for your donations.
Bill Woodland (Squeek)